Web Services

For a limited time, LinearDynamics Inc. is offering superb rates for website maintenance. Website maintenance is like an insurance. You will be very sorry if you do not have it.

We also assist in post crisis cleanup. Is your site showing weird messages? Does Google claim that your site has been hacked? It happens. We can fix it.

Basic website maintenance

$25 / month

  • FREE consultations! Are you growing? Have a need but not sure what to ask?
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Irregular newsletter
  • Risk analysis
  • Monthly Updates:
    • WordPress Core
    • Plugins
    • Themes
    • Others

Premiere WordPress website maintenance

$85 per month or $900 per year

Initial FULL site check includes:

  • Risk analysis where we determine where your site is the weakest
  • Anti-spam plugins installed and configured, captcha on forms, special plugins
  • Basic malware scan
  • Theme malware scan <== is the theme still under development? If not, it may put you at risk!
  • Admin user protection
  • Brute force prevention config
  • Server side checks(PHP version)
  • Update:
    • WordPress Core
    • Plugins
    • Themes
    • Others


  • FREE consultations! Are you growing? Have a need but not sure what to ask?
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Regular checking for the state of the site. ALL updates applied and tested.
  • Basic malware scan scheduling
  • 4 small edits per month. Up to 1.5h of work
  • Up to two on-demand crisis checks per month
  • Crisis management in the case of an actual site hack(rebuild from backups, spam correction)
  • Irregular newsletter

Web Development

Web development services are available! Contact us to start getting your website under way!


  • $19(One time) Adding site to CDN <-- makes site faster and more better able to handle traffic. Also a strong security measure against DDoS attack.
  • $9 Daily database backups, weekly FULL backups to our own server
  • $19 STRONG security using industry best technology. Firewall+malware scanning <- need supplier pricing
  • $29 3 hours per month of website edits and basic graphic design

Web Design

Free consultation. Excellent work, quickly deployed.

LinearDynamics' staff have been crafting custom websites for customers in many different domains. Contact us for a free initial consultation and we can help you with your website needs.

Custom Software Development

Many platforms. Plug-ins, applications.

Custom Software Design

LinearDynamics' team is populated by people well versed in highly custom and very specific types of software design.

If you have a project in mind or one that needs to be updated, feel free to speak with us.