Responsive Design

Each of our sites gets designed and examined with many device types. From the smallest smartphone to the largest HD screens.

Content Design

Be it writing or graphics, we will create your unique presence.

Site Management

When we develop a site, we place the control in YOUR hands.

Search Engine Optimization

We build with SEO in mind. 

Landing Pages

Highly focused and strategic landing pages.

Ensuring the most efficient and pleasant visit for your site's users


Fully integrated and intelligently designed e-Commerce websites. 

Saving you time by integrating with your accounting systems.


It's important to have someone dedicated to your site's health. When subscribed to our maintenance, your site is guaranteed to stay live and secure 24/7/365. 

Initial FULL site check includes:

  • Risk analysis where we determine where your site is the weakest
  • Anti-spam plugins installed and configured, captcha on forms, special plugins
  • Basic malware scan
  • Theme malware scan <== is the theme still under development? If not, it may put you at risk!
  • Admin user protection
  • Brute force prevention config
  • Server side checks(PHP version)
  • Update:
    • Core (WordPress, Drupal, etc)
    • Plugins
    • Themes
    • Others


  • Complementary Basic Hosting
  • Backups of the ENTIRE site kept in a secure, off-site location
  • FREE consultations! Are you growing? Have a need but not sure what to ask?
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Regular checking for the state of the site. ALL updates applied and tested.
  • Basic malware scan scheduling
  • 4 small edits per month. Up to 1.5h of work
  • Up to two on-demand crisis checks per month
  • Crisis management in the case of an actual site hack(rebuild from backups, spam correction)
  • Irregular newsletter

Website maintenance is akin to the old axiom Always Buy A Plunger Before You Need A Plunger. 

Too many times a website can unknowingly be hacked and end up serving all sorts of nonsense!

So that's why LD has devised the above maintenance offerings. Give us a call.