Total Solution for Milestone XProtect Exporting and Archiving with the Rimage Catalyst Hardware


Features & Supported Editions

Edition Camera Sequences Bookmarks Evidence Lock

Also supported: Milestone Husky™ M30 & Milestone Husky™ M50

Automated Intelligence

This is a completely re-envisioned Milestone XProtect Archiving and Exporting solution for camera data for Milestone XProtect. Bookmarks, Evidence Lock, or all video sequences. Mass duplication and redundancy has never been easier. Great for system-level evidence management too.

With highly configurable 'jobs', The XProtect plug-in can dynamically sculpt out archiving profiles for single cameras, or whole camera groups.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for duplication of an entire Recording Server data
  • Archived data is fully portable
  • Playing back data is simple and easy
  • Job based - runs on a task scheduler
  • Able to export to:
    • Single or Multiple Cameras
    • Bookmarks
    • Evidence Lock
    • Specified Periods of Time
  • Export types:
    • AVI, MKV
    • Milestone's Native Format including the Smart Client Player
    • Still Images(JPG)