Custom Development

At LinearDynamics, we don't just make customer solutions and hope for the best. We listen to you and consider the project as a whole. There are often adaptations and new considerations to be made and that is what we're great at.


Software Development

We won't bore you with the various programming languages we're experts in, but suffice it to say that we adapt to the ever changing technological landscape.


Enterprise Development

We have been involved with various markets throughout our history but often we have found ourselves tailoring solutions for Law Enforcement, Government, and Commercial Infrastructure.


Cloud Development

Lately, more and more enterprises are requesting re-development of their assets on a cloud-based architecture. 


Web Development

Let's face it, your web-facing efforts are the who you are to your prospective audience. It's important to stay up on the design trends but also communicating your own MO. 


Graphics Design

We will work with you to take your vision and distill it down into a tangible asset you can use online or otherwise(Brochures, Business cards, Presentations).